About Us

Dear fellow investors, traders and entrepreneurs

I am investor Greg, the creator of this blog, and also its main contributor. I used to work in the securities trading industry some time ago, and have been trading the financial markets on my own, since 2008. I put more effort into forex trading, CFD trading and few peculiar investments, in order to make the best, crash-proof portfolio possible. I am a highly single minded investor and trader, and I do take calculated risks in all these markets.

Daring to take risks is part of any professional trader’s strategy, and I do believe in calculated market risk, because that’s what creates a margin for profit. Having started in Australia, where I am originally from, I tested various brokers, trading tools, signal providers and even algorithmic trading, in order to gain an edge in the markets. This blog is focused on presenting, explaining and substantiating my experiences and main trading concepts around those trading tools.

All information presented in this blog is impartial, honest and reflects my own opinion and feedback on various trading methods and tools. It’s important to bear in mind that I am a single minded person, not affiliated with third persons appearing on my blog. Moreover, being single minded is a key factor in every successful trading strategy, as we all know, lame copycat investors and traders cannot possibly achieve enduring trading success, there has to be something proprietary involved! And in my strategy there are proprietary concepts involved. The information presented in this blog is as close to my trading strategies as you can possibly get.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, and I would like you to share your own experiences too, so that we can all benefit and gain greater insight into profitable financial trading. All concepts, even failed ones, can help brainstorm new ideas on trading and investing, therefore the sharing of such concepts can only be beneficial.