Best ICO to invest in 2018 - ICO reviews and new startups


What are the Prospects of ICO in 2018

There will be more Initial Coin Offerings in the next year, from various startups. There will also be ICO from already successful entrepreneurs who had more than one ideas, and who already have launched some kind of ICO. This is expected to happen because the blockchain technology will be able to offer more solutions to a variety of problems. These problems are for example data corruption, theft and manipulation of trade. Through immutable record keeping, data integrity, and safe electronic data transfers, all these problems can be solved, or at least greatly mitigated.

We are bound to see ICO in the legal space, ICO in stock market and derivatives trading, and ICO in many other industries where there is corruption and lack of trust. By improving trust people will see them differently, and will want to use them.

Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, it will take more like 10 years to see the full benefits of this technology, but 2018 will definitely bring new ideas. Some of the greatest minds are working on their startups today, in an effort to launch profitable ICO soon, and to solve a real problem in the marketplace. Inevitably, this revolution will also bring new ASICs from the chip manufacturers and more hardware innovation too. Some applications will come with their own unique hardware, so that other startups will not be able to copy their technology and original idea, even if they know the basic theory.

Hot ICO in the Fintech Field Available Today at Bargain Prices

There few new ICOs from startups in the financial, insurance industry and merchant industry, set to grow exponentially in the near future. Because they are competitive enough to take business away from traditional industries and to also bring in new clients, including some two billion people who currently don’t have easy access to these markets…

Birdchain Review


Birdchain gives the user a chance to receive cryptocurrency rewards for carrying out simple tasks. Earning cryptocurrency has never been so easy than with Birdchain. Birdchain allows companies to advertise to Birdchain users and offering a chance to earn cryptocurrency and BIRD tokens for simply engaging with the advertising material and sharing information with the businesses. In a handy smartphone app, users can receive messages, take part in surveys and chat with their friends and family whilst earning cryptocurrency. This allows companies to engage with audiences in a new and exciting way that benefits the company and the customers.

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BitRewards Review


BitRewards is a cashback and loyalty rewards platform that helps shoppers get cryptocurrency rewards for their purchases. It has been integrated into CMS and currently serving in over 500 retailers. As more people are using online currency options, BitRewards is helping to encourage more people to join by rewarding merchants and shoppers with excellent bonuses. As one of the future generation loyalty platforms, BitRewards hopes to connect online retailers with their customers via BIT tokens. The reward system is easy to sign up to and gives shoppers the ability to receive the bonuses they accumulate through shopping that they don’t receive when spending real money.

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MoneyToken Review


MoneyToken is a platform that allows people to borrow liquid funds to allow them to gain more in the future. Based on current cryptocurrency asset holdings, users of MoneyToken can take out a loan that is collateralized with other assets including Bitcoin and then users receive an agreed loan that is in a stable currency. Once they have repaid the loan, they will receive the whole of the collateral back even if there are increases. This process by MoneyToken gives users the chance to save their cryptocurrency potion whilst still getting the liquid funds they need immediately.

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These ICOs are especially hot, and their tokens can be bought even today, at a huge discount still. I think they have enormous potential as these are the pioneers, each in their field. These ICOs are capable of making today’s small investor a millionaire tomorrow.

I also expect that in 2018 there will be applications of blockchain technology in military applications too, in systems that identify aircraft as being friend or foe, and other similar systems. This will help dedicate more money into hardware as well, and the same chip technology will later be seen in all kinds of consumer devices. Such as smart phones, hardware wallets and access control devices. Today’s smart phones have enormous security gaps, because they were not made for the blockchain era. Super safe devices are yet to come, and the first ICO to cooperate with hem, will be great winners.

What are the Prospects of ICOs in 2018

The Main Direction for ICO in 2018

The new startups we will see in 2018 will range from applications to land registry and legal use, to shipping and all kinds of trading activity. I do expect to see ICO specifically targeting the black market and knock off products coming from China. This will be greatly imposed by the manufacturers of genuine brand products. And because this is a massive market, worth billions of dollars, they will adapt the best ICO solutions available to them.

These startups will make a lot of money, and will see their coins reaching very high values. These are the solutions already proposed to fight the knock off market, and other illegal trading activities, as well as areas of trade fraud. In the EU for example there a lot of fraud going on today, based on VAT. Fraudsters charge VAT for goods in one country, but never pay this money to the government of the supposed country where the goods were exported from. So even in this case, the EU is willing to pay millions and millions to stop this criminal activity, through blockchain technology.

  • Knock off copies of brand products
  • VAT Fraud
  • Black market

These are all huge markets for the criminals. Cigarette smuggling alone is a massive market, and it’s very easy for criminals to create fake tax stamps. These fake tax stamps are easy to make and mass produce today. But blockchain technology can stop this by introducing unique codes, to be printed on the stamps. And law enforcement will be able to scan these codes, and figure out with 100% certainty as to the origin of the cigarettes in question.

Counterfeiters find it easy to counterfeit all kinds of things, it’s possible for them to do as long as the numbers in the codes are easy to figure out. There’s also a lot of fraud going on with cash registers and receipts, where shops give you a receipt for good purchased, it all looks good. But they never have to pay sales tax or VAT, because the cash register itself is hacked and operates in stealth mode, usually fooling you and the tax collecting authority. And blockchain codes can stop this too, because the hackers will not be able to fool an entire blockchain.

Types of Startups for ICO

Anybody having a good original idea, and the team to support them, can launch a new ICO. The important thing is for the ICO to show great promise, so as to solve a real problem. Only ICOs that provide value, through their idea, will succeed in the marketplace. This is because competition is fierce, and even good business ideas in the crypto space are being copied every day. So effectively having a good idea is not enough, it also has to be coded properly in the underlying programming language. A good ICO needs all the following:

  • A good idea, which solves a real problem
  • A way to protect the idea, by having something proprietary
  • A good team of programmers and IT specialists
  • A good understanding of the problems of Blockchain technology

The team doesn’t have to be very large, but it has to be a good team, which includes competent people. It’s usually true that in teams where people disagree with one another, there’s great progress. Whereas if one member of the team is not allowed to raise their concerns and thoughts, then this is a bad team. I cannot think of a more critical and challenging team member than Bill Gates. He always challenged ideas and thought proposed to him, citing all kinds of what-if scenarios. Bill Gates was a very analytical person when he made decisions for Microsoft. And that’s how good ICO operate today in the crypto space. They too have analytical minds, well educated in fields of IT and mathematics.

Possible Level of Earnings for ICO in 2018

I expect that new startups, which are already planning their strategies, will start to appear in the next year, some of them at least will appear for the first time in 2018. And they will make upwards of $300 million each. While others will be less profitable, but will have more room for steady growth over more years.

The experts are carefully watching today’s digital money markets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and are careful not to make mistakes in designing their blockchain products. I do believe that some of them have very innovative ideas, but they are waiting so as to take into account more critical information, before launching an ICO.

By the same token, we can say that many existing startups in the crypto space, will probably fail in the next year, as they will face tough competition from someone else who solves the same problem, in a better way.

Investment Options in ICO for 2018

There are at least 10 good coins in the market already, coins from ICO from startups such as KickIco, Neo, Cybermiles, Golem, Iota, Pascal Coin, Syscoin and others. Then there’s of course Ethereum and Litecoin which are two very good leading coins. My strategy is about investing in these two early coins, and in 10 more new coins such as the ones mentioned here. I don’t feel comfortable investing too much in Bitcoin, because it appears to me that Bitcoin is starting to lose its proprietary value. If Bitcoin is super successful, several other coins will also follow closely behind, and can be bought very cheaply today. So why bother with the more expensive Bitcoin. I pay close attention to the following:

  • Market adaption
  • Potential limitations and completion
  • Innovation that is yet to be released

So far Bitcoin has the greatest market adaption, but it’s more because of popularity and its name, rather than anything else. There will be more completion from Ethereum and Iota in the future, and who knows if some other coin offers everything that Bitcoin offers, and it also gains exclusive rights to some provided services.

As a rule of thumb, I believe that when something gets larger and larger, it becomes too difficult to make changes. Whereas when something is small, it can make rapid changes and gain recognition and market adaption before its competitors do. That’s why I am not impressed by multibillion dollar companies and how popular something is. A smaller product can still appear, one that’s better and much more affordable. I watch market adaption very closely, and I am willing to invest in the first coin that will be adapted by supermarkets, hotels, airlines. Or in the first ICO that will seriously be adapted by EU to fight VAT fraud or cigarette smuggling. These are far greater than Bitcoin, as an investment.