Best stocks to invest in 2018 - Stocks and brokers review


Prospects of stocks in 2018

There are many good stocks to buy for 2018 and beyond, ideally investors should focus on companies that make microchips, ASIC chips, specialized computer equipment, and cryptocurrency application related hardware. There’s also artificial intelligence which is set to rise in the coming years. With that being said, there are few non high tech companies which improve their operation and profitability through new technology…  In any case, investors wishing to extend their research beyond these companies mentioned here, should always take into account technological trends, how technology will disrupt certain industries etc. And not to merely rely on balance sheet analysis. Analysts often miss the shifts in technology, and focus too much on Price /Earnings ratios and the like. But good wise investors do research both ways.

  • Applied Materials

Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT) is a leading microchip manufacturer with a focus on chips that go into automobiles, appliances and all kinds of things. As artificial intelligence becomes more and more mainstream there will be a great demand for these chips, and this company has invested heavily in this sector. Moreover, this company has strong R&D in the materials used in flat panel screens, solar panels and other applications, so it’s a key player in the field of innovative electronics.

  • Cubic

Cubic (NYSE:CUB) is involved in both military applications and public transport, it’s an innovative, well managed company which has been rated as a strong buy recently, by top analysts. Their technological edge lies in their electronic products and the proprietary technology they use in those products. It’s an edge that competitors cannot copy overnight.

  • McDonald’s

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is a proven company and is expected to show more than 9% increased annual earnings over the coming years. This is a proven longer term investment which all retirement investors have in their portfolios. McDonalds will never go out of business because it’s a serious, dedicated company, with a strong focus on cutting costs and predicting consumer behavior.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft (NYSE:MSFT) will continue to focus on the smart phone market and plans to also get involved in cryptocurrency applications. This company is proven to be solid and profitable, and is expected to be a good buy throughout 2018. Especially when buying during declines, because it always comes back up. Apart from the economics and the balance sheet, there’s the technological trend. And Microsoft is expected to be an early and clever adaptor of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We are likely to see strong compatibility and free tools related to blockchain applications, in all future Microsoft products. I have zero doubt about this!

Best Stock Brokers in 2018

These are some of the best stock brokers for traders and investors in the stock market. In general, all wise traders and investors want to use brokers that offer very good customer support, liquidity and trading efficiency. I also think that trading tools can be useful. There are brokers out there that offer ultra low trading commission, but lack liquidity and efficiency, thereby costing you more on filling price, on every trade. I do believe that the following brokers offer the best possible liquidity, efficiency and speed, at reasonable costs. These brokers have been rated as being very good, by actual traders and investors based on these criteria.


Fidelity review

Fidelity was originally established in the mid 1940s, and today it has millions of satisfied clients. Their platform is top notch, offering analytical information on every market. These markets include stocks, mutual funds, options and ETFs. There’s no minimum deposit amount, and trade commission is just under $5. Fidelity does live up to its name, and deliver a very good brokerage service for the demanding trader and investor, where analytical investing matters. Clients of Fidelity do option trading, stock investing with option hedging, dividend strategies and much more, all in one platform.

TD AmeriTrade

td ameritrade review

TD AmeriTrade is one of the top brokers, and close competitor of all top brokers. It offers advanced trading platform, analytical tools, and all the good markets, stocks ETFs, mutual funds and options. Trade commission is slightly higher than the other brokers, and just under $7, which some traders may find unattractive, but the broker offers top notch liquidity for that fee. Their platform offers many tools too, but the really unique part are their research papers and market insights, they are the best of the best. They only produce research papers on stocks and funds where they believe it’s worth doing the research and it’s worth for clients to consider investing. So, effectively traders and investors can save a lot of time on their own research simply by following these research papers and market insights.

Charles Schwab

charles schwab review

Charles Schwab is a proven broker since its full debut in the 1970s, with a long good reputation in history. There is a minimum deposit requirement of $1000, trade commission for all markets except mutual funds, is just under $5, and it’s a broker you can fully trust. It offers 3 different platforms, it offers stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. It offers analytical tools, but also highly insightful articles and market information, ideal for medium term investing. These market insights alone make it worth using this broker, at least for month to month investing.

Ally Invest

ally invest review

Ally Invest is a great broker offering some specialized services. It offers everything the other brokers offer, for trading stocks, mutual funds, options and ETFs, but their trade commission on mutual funds is much lower (ideal for frequent mutual fund trades). Stock trade commission is similar to other brokers, at just under $5. They have very strong and responsive customer support, extensive educational resources, which make it easy for beginner investors. Their platform is also advanced but also easy to use for most purposes. Finally, their research papers are very competitive, and according to clients’ rating they are the best in the industry. So even though this broker is more suitable for beginners, their market research resources help traders and investors make sophisticated and calculated trades. Because today everyone want to use options and stocks together, in one strategy.