ICO coin calendar 2018 - Upcoming ICOs and future token sales


Blockchain ICO - What is This?

A blockchain ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the early offering of a digital token to investors, by a startup company in the blockchain space. As an incentive for early investors to invest in that company at a discount, just like stock investors do with company IPOs. The blockchain technology itself is very new, and powerful, because it solves big problems. These problems are related to transparency and trust for the purpose of doing many kinds of businesses.

What’s so unique about blockchain technology is that it offers immutable record keeping, and that’s how trust is established to both parties. Think about all the financial scams in the classic financial industry, how Enron, or Bernard L. Madoff LLC defrauded many investors of billions of dollars, simply by stealing their money and then forging the books. With blockchain technology this cannot possibly happen because everyone has a copy of the recently updated accounts. Any attempt to pull off such a scandal will be instantly revealed by the system, because the data sets from different holders will not match each other. Blockchain brings the ultimate security and trust to the financial industry, and also to many other industries where trust is needed.

ICO Calendar for 2018

There will be more ICO in 2018, each one targeting a different or at least slightly different need. There will be ICOs in the real estate space, such as ReiDAO and REX sometime in 2018. These ICOs will allow small investors to invest affordably in real estate around the world, through their tokens. There will be many good features available, but first of all there will be safety, and the ability to fractional ownership of a house. At some time, these ICOs will relate to other ICOs that provide banking and financial services, and you will be able to use your blockchain real estate investments to build your blockchain credit rating and to borrow more money.

List of Upcoming ICO in 2018


Crypterium review

Crypterium is the bridging solution between today’s merchants and shops, and customers willing to pay with cryptocurrency. This company makes it possible even for old fashioned shops to accept cryptocurrency payments and to be paid directly, in local fiat currency. Moreover, Crypterium is more than one solution, is a whole bank. And it wants to provide complete banking solutions in the cryptocurrency age. This will include crypto loans, crypto savings accounts, and for the first time ever the concept of interest rate incentives. I believe that success is inevitable, and despite any competition Crypterium will have massive room for growth, as 95% of cryptocurrency investors are long term holders and would gladly deposit their money to receive interest. We are likely to see more financial products here that will make the market more liquid and more profitable for investors. Remember that there unbanked people around the globe, no less than two billion people that is.

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United Traders

United Traders ICO

United Traders is a hot ICO in the financial trading industry. The company itself has been around for years and carries priceless expertise in the business of training traders. It aims to create a large cryptocurrency exchange offering massive liquidity (which is needed these days). they are also linked to the NYSE and NASDAQ, and they do offer both cryptocurrencies and classic assets. Liquidity is very important in financial trading and the reason why Bitcoin futures were recently launched. United Traders is bound to have plenty of business and to become a leader I online trading in the coming decade. I believe this is going to be a great opportunity for ICO investors, as well as past ICO investors, since the token has great potential over many years to come.  For as long as you see high volatility in Bitcoin, there will be a need for more and more liquidity, and more business profits for United Traders.

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Nagaico review

Naga is another great ICO promising to offer cutting edge and highly affordable financial trading and investing services to people who cannot currently afford it. This includes the two billion unbanked people around the world, and also many poor people in the developed world who cannot buy expensive shares or trade full size contracts in the stock market. Naga is going to offer both cryptomarkets and classic markets, and fractional contracts on just about any classic asset, such as gold or blue chip stocks. Naga will solve problems for small traders and people who want to trade for example crude oil or gold or even other commodities, but didn’t have access to retail size contracts up to now. And this is ideal for hedging investors and for the many small farmers and actual producers of agricultural commodities. By having access to affordable trading they will be able to hedge against risks on their own business. And this means better protection for their income.

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How Can You Benefit from the Blockchain and the ICOs

In my opinion, we all can benefit from blockchain technology, since it will offer all kinds of things. It will offer new banking services, new investment opportunities, wider range of assets, and also the opportunity to actively use them in multiple ways. The first step however is investing in these hot ICOs and be able to profit from the inevitable price rise that their tokens will see.

As I have described, blockchain-based corporate finance and accounting, will be free of fraud, and it will attract many more small investors. This is something that Wall Street has not been able to do. Therefore the potential growth of so many ICOs, is impossible to predict. It could be so large in some cases, that it will dwarf all current predictions and expectations. Just think how many business deals are cancelled today, due to lack of trust. Blockchain makes it safe to do business, and there’s no need for emotions and human trust. I can think of many examples where Ethereum Smart Contracts can provide all that missing trust, except that this is solid trust which cannot be fake by anyone.

Apart from proving real trust, blockchain technology also makes it possible to make so many industries and businesses more efficient, by cutting out the middle man. Think of insurance, banking, peer to peer lending, lawyers, patent law and the power of information. Any ICOs that will serve these needs will also be very successful, because we all pay for insurance, lawyers, for loans and for expert opinion. These ICOs, as and when they happen, can be evaluated in the same way that you would evaluate any new ICO. You simply need to look at the team behind that startup, their experience and how unique their idea is.

There can be more than one good ICO, specializing in the same space! But as long as that market is large enough, there will be plenty of room for 2 or more ICOs. So I do believe that it’s a mistake to look for only one perfect ICO in every field, because there may well be 2 or 3. What I like to see in every new ICO, in order to believe in it, is that good team of original thinkers and their great ideas. All good promising ICOs have original ideas, and bring something unique to the market.

The ICOs presented in this article were carefully selected out of long lists, and I do believe they have great teams behind them. There are also other ICOs and startups past their ICO phase, which are less good, or perhaps may not grow as much. However I do believe that all blockchain startups, both bad and good, will make money for at least 5 years. Then there will be some kind of crash, where only the good and solid startups will survive and will go on making profits, and will make billions of dollars. These will be like the next ebay, the next Amazon, or the next Facebook of today. The reality is that all early investors will make money, and savvy investors investing in the best ICOs will make millions, literally! There has never been such an opportunity in the past, at least not on this scale. This is an incredible kind of gold rush, where too many people will be making money for many years. And this includes not just investors but also programmers and mathematicians who come up with new ideas related to the blockchain.