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As an investor you must not only invest in the financial markets but in yourself as well, by expanding your knowledge and continuously learning. Therefore, to help you become a successful investor or trader, we have curated an extensive library of trading guides and articles on investing, forex trading, CFD trading, stock trading, options trading and more. Knowledge is power and it’s a very important part of being a successful investor. The trading guides on this page contain fundamental information to better understand how to trade, what to trade, what to watch out for, and what to be aware of. These trading guides will bring your investing to the next level.

How to Choose Your First Online Broker

Finding the right online broker that is aligned to your investment goals is crucial, as the right broker can help in acquiring the right knowledge to make proper investment decisions and establish a steady income stream.

Best stocks to invest in 2018 - Stocks and brokers review

Ideally investors should focus on stocks companies that make specialized computer equipment and cryptocurrency application related hardware.

Best CFD Broker and CFD Trading Platforms in Singapore

Financial trading in Singapore is quite advanced these days. What best CFD Broker in Singapore read in our article.

Best CFD Brokers in United Kingdom - Regulated by the FCA

Is CFD trading legal in United Kingdom? Yes, it's legal, CFD were actually invented in the UK, and first adapted there. They were invented in the early 1990s, by city bankers as a way to bring innovation to financial trading. The original needs were for short term speculation and for hedging of risk. But CFDs were

What is a CFD trading account - Step by step setup instructions

What are CFD CFD (Contracts For Difference) are financial derivative contracts, whose value exactly follows the price movement of real underlying assets such as stocks or commodities or currencies. CFDs offer some unique hidden benefits, which most people still to this day don’t know about. These benefits are

CFD day trading strategies - CFD Day trading brokers and trading tips

CFD day trading refers to trading various markets such as stocks, currencies, commodities, ETFs and even cryptocurrencies now.

Best CFD Broker in Australia - Only legal CFD Brokers

Australia is one of those countries where CFD were adapted early, and today they have become very popular in the country.

eToro Review - World’s Most Popular Social Trading Platform

The most unique feature about eToro is its social trading platform. eToro today has recorded more than 10 million registered users.

Best CFD broker in South Africa - Reviews of Legal Brokers

Today there are many CFD brokers which are allowed to operate in south Africa and to accept clients from the country.

Best CFD broker in 2018 - Reviews, Platforms and Brokers list

There are many good CFD brokers out there, some of which stand out even better. Most of the good CFD brokers are licensed and regulated.

What is social trading - How does it work

Social trading is about being able to see and copy other traders’ actions, such as open trades and market trading tips.

How to make money on ETrade - open account, withdraw money, buy and sell stocks or ETrade is a leading online financial discount broker that has more than three decades of operational history behind them.

CFD Trading Allowed in Islam - Halal or Haram

Is CFD Trading Allowed in Islam? Muslims are actually divided on this question, as to whether it is allowed to trade CFDs or not.

How to Trade Various Forex Pairs - Only Proven Ways

Currency pairs tend to work in slightly different ways, and in some cases the differences can be profound.

Bitcoin Will Reach $30,000 - Is it possible?

The general prediction is for Bitcoin to reach $30,000 in less than 6 months. And that’s why I believe $30,000 in 12 months is a safer prediction.

End of the Road for Binary Options - Hello CFD trading

More and more traders are quitting binary options, in favor of CFD trading. In relation to CFDs, binary options offer a much lower probability of success.

What are CFD and How Do They Work

CFDs are contracts that exactly follow the price movement of the underlying market, and are also priced in such a way, as if you traded the real thing.

Difference Between CFD and Spread Betting Trading

CFDs are known as Contracts for Difference, and they are professional trading instruments that many seasoned traders and investors use.

Difference between Forex and CFD

Trading forex is very interesting to many investors and day traders, and the brokers offering forex trading come in many different types.

CFD Regulation around the World

CFD regulation keeps on updating around the world, CFDs are available to traders in Europe, parts of Asia, in Australia and in few other countries.